Kimia Toosi is a curator and visual artist. She has studied, with great enthusiasm, international contemporary art scene in Iran and beyond. Her curatorial focus has been specialized in fine art photography. She is currently curating exhibitions for Farmani Group and Lucie Foundtaion based in United States.

Selected Curatorial work
State of the World, Px3 Paris Photo Prize. Paris 2021
Group Exhibition, Moscow International Foto Awards, Moscow 2019
The Air We Breath, Group Exhibition, Hasht Cheshmeh Art center, Kashan Iran, 2019
Selection 40 Group Exhibition, TiFA, Tokyo International Foto Awards, Tokyo, 2018

“Ms. Toosi’s attempt to reflect the state of the world, to herald the new directions in Photographic Arts, to give a voice to a diverse group of artists, and to play a part in critically addressing the social and political climate of our time. ” Hannah Lillethun, VP Farmani Group

Toosi completed a Bachelor degree at the University of Shiraz. She achieved her team management certification in arts and gain her experience as project leader at Tehran Image Work a center for fine arts since 2019 and Farmani Group since 2017. Later, she curated several exhibitions for Moscow Foto awards in Moscow and an international exhibition of work by photographers in all genre for TIFA exhibited in Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, in Tokyo.

Currently she is resident curator for Farmani Group and Lucie Foundation. Annually curating the Px3, Paris Photo Prize “State of the World”, a selection of work by 20 International photographers to be exhibited each October in Paris.